Lucketti for Captain?

Huddersfield Town story posted by Rachel Jillott on 11/07/2001
This is my first article for you all to read and it's more of a personal opinion than anything else. Obviously not everyone will agree with me, and please feel free to give me some comments about it, and let me know what your opinions are aswell. Well, ENJOY!Lucketti for Captain?

So it?s just been announced that big defender Chris Lucketti has retained his captaincy for at least the beginning of next season. Has Macari somehow overlooked the gritty midfielder Craig Armstrong? At the end of last season Armstrong was captain and playing the best football of his season. He was determined, he wore his heart on his sleeve and he could get the players going. I know Chris Lucketti was a good captain but I feel if Macari was to let Armstrong resume the reigns not only would he personally benefit from the responsibility but the club would also benefit from his passion. Next season it is crucial that Town go in to every game thinking they can win; no-one can beat them. If they want to bounce straight back up then this is what they need to be thinking. It?s no good them letting their heads drop after a defeat, they have to go out the next game making sure they win, and make up for their loss the previous week. To do this they need a leader, a player who sets an example, who better than Craig Armstrong? I also beg Lou Macari not to put Armstrong back into the defence, as this is where he is weaker. In midfield he played some superb football whereas at the back he was susceptible to making some mistakes. So it will be interesting to see what the crowds reaction to Lucketti, back with the armband will be. Also I am intrigued to see Armstrong?s personal reaction to his loss, will he just accept it, or will he fight for it? Hopefully it will be the latter.

So there you go, be sure to let me know what you think of it, and i hope you look forward to reading some more of my articles which will be up soon.


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