Takeover - Too little too late?

Huddersfield Town story posted by Rachel Jillott on 11/07/2001
Here is my second article about the possible takeover of Town...Takeover - Too little too late?

I?m sure that you?ve all been reading about the potential takeover of Huddersfield Town, and the initial thought is?GREAT! Rubery goes and everyone?s happy. But the state in which Rubery has left the club, makes one wonder if the takeover is coming a little too late. I?m sure most fans are wanting the bad businessman to make way for the man who seems to be 100% Town as soon as possible, but Mr.Taylor has got to be looking ahead and seeing a massive mountain to climb, but if he?s up for it, then fair play to him.

Lets look at the situation. Obviously Rubery will be putting no more money into the club, but he doesn?t seem to mind getting as much out of it as possible before he goes. He sold Nico Vaesen, making himself a pretty penny or two, seeing as though Town bought him for a mere ?80,000. So what?s there to stop him from selling Town?s other young talents off before he ditches the club? Take Delroy for instance. He cost Town nothing because he came through the ranks, but undoubtedly he could be sold off to a bigger club and once again leave the team with striker troubles but Rubery with some cash. It seems to me that Rubery will milk Town for as much money as he can; which won?t be a lot mind you, but I?m sure that won?t stop him.

Also with Lou Macari not being able to spend money on new players, it looks like Town will be the only team without any new signings. But don?t dismay as even the Division?s strongest competition from Stoke, Wigan and Reading, have only between them made 4 signings. Stoke have brought 2 players in, but let 7 go, Reading have 2 new faces also and let 4 out, whereas Wigan have brought no-one new in, and ousted 3. So looking at this it doesn?t seem so bad, but surely if Town could get some fresh talent this would give them an advantage over other teams?

Now back to the takeover. David Taylor is an accountant by trade so will obviously know how to handle his money, unlike, most would say, Mr. Rubery! But he will still have to deal with a debt of approximately ?4.5million and more than likely that debt will rise. Taylor has stressed his opinion that he thinks the future of Towns success lies in the youth. If he intends on bringing more players through the system this will be cheaper than buying new faces. But there?s still the problem of paying the big named players down at the Mac. It seems like he will have to negotiate new deals with players to try and get them to take pay cuts. If the players don?t like this and want to look elsewhere then maybe this wouldn?t be a bad thing, as they would soon find out that they won?t get another 2nd Division club that will match what they are on now. The wages are simply too high for a Division 2 club like Town to pay out.

But here?s a possible problem. What if David Taylor can?t find a consortium of businesses and decides to pull the plug on the takeover? Where does that leave Town? I?ll tell you where, right back where they started. No money to spend and gradually getting further and further into debt. And I?m sure no true fan wants to see their beloved team in ruin because of a bad businessman that decided to buy a football club for a mere hobby.

So although it sounds like the perfect solution, time will be the judge.

Feel free to let me know your views on this. I will hopefully be putting another article up for viewing soon.


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