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Huddersfield Town story posted by Rachel Jillott on 13/07/2001
In this article I am going to write about some of the players for next season. I am going to write about their possible potential for helping us get back into Division 1, or the possibility that they don?t really adapt to Division 2 football.Analysis of players

I am going to start with Martyn Margetson as I feel he could be the one player that the fans are most weary of. As Nico Vaesen was a much-loved goalkeeper by the fans, I think unfortunately for Martyn he has some big shoes to fill. As he has had an immense amount of experience playing in goal, he could easily live up to every fans expectation and be a brilliant keeper, or he could go the other way and simply not feel comfortable. I think he has to be very careful, as if he makes one mistake I think the crowd will be on his back in a shot. A bit like the loss of Marcus Stewart, and the feeling that no one could replace him-and quite obviously hasn?t. So I say good luck to Martyn, as I don?t think it will be all smooth sailing for him, but hopefully I will be proved wrong, and the fans will soon be saying ?Nico Vaesen?who???

Next on my list is the young striker Delroy Facey. Personally, I don?t have a doubt in my mind that Delroy will be a tremendous asset to the club next season. With his pace, talent and striking ability he will be hell to handle in the penalty area. Hopefully he and Andy Booth will be unstoppable. Could Booth have found himself the best partner he?s had since Ronnie Jepson? That?s something we?ll have to wait and see, but I feel with Facey?s strength and Booth?s accuracy they could, and should be lethal together! Now just to focus a bit more on local hero Andy Booth. You would think that now being in Division 2 Andy will be in his element, more so than when we were in Division 1. Just look back to the season when we got promoted, he was one of the best strikers in the league, but can history repeat itself? Obviously he has got older and hopefully more experienced. He?s been there, seen it and done it, so what?s there to stop him from doing it again? In my opinion?nothing!

Now for the captain. Chris Lucketti is a gritty, determined and focused defender?when he wants to be. Catch him on an off day and he can be a liability. In some respects he could be a good leader, but I don?t think it would hurt him if he felt like he had a bit of competition. Yes, there?s Kevin Gray and Jon Dyson, but honestly whatever they do to get into the team, it?s not going to be at the expense of Chris Lucketti. He?s one of those players that even if they do have an off day, his place is still booked in the line up next week. I also feel that the responsibility of him being captain could detract from his playing ability, unlike when Craig Armstrong was captain, as his game had never been better. So my final feelings on Chris Lucketti?s contribution next season is yet undecided.

Lets now take a look in midfield, laying the focus on Dean Gorre. He can be a very skilful player at times, and has frustrated the opposition on more than one occasion. But my fear is that, even though he retracted the comment, he has already said that he didn?t intend on playing football with Huddersfield next season, and for any player to say that then you have to question their commitment. Is he now only saying he looks forward to teaming up with Clyde Wijnhard because the alternative was Hull City; who then even said no because of his wage demands? If he is truthful in wanting to stay then he could cause havoc in the midfield area, as he sometimes has the panache and flair of a true foreign footballer, but if he has not been truthful then he could be the biggest disappointment of the season, which to me then, would be a great waste of talent. So we?ll have to wait and see which way the Dutch man will go.

So who?s Town?s left back? If the end of last seasons anything to go by then it must be Steve Jenkins! The traditional right back had a fairly reasonable end to the season, even if he was out of his natural position. But how long will he hold up? If he returns to right back then he could have a decent season, but if he?s retained at left back then maybe not. Personally I don?t see Jenkins as a great defender, I think his talent is seen more when he goes on his runs. He can provide some decent crosses, and has a reasonable amount of pace, but more than not he can and is caught out when trying to defend. But he has to be praised for his flexibility last season. He was told where to play and with no disagreement he just got on with it. And now with him having a bit of international experience under his belt hopefully he will fit in just nicely with Division 2 football.

So there?s my analysis of some of the players that will probably figure in next seasons line up. Of course I could have talked about Martin Smith and Clyde Wijnhard?s continual absences, but I felt it more necessary to focus on the players who might actually play some decent football next season.

So do u agree or disagree? Let me know with your own opinions on this topic.


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