Jonny D's testimonial

Huddersfield Town story posted by Rachel Jillott on 01/08/2001
Ok, here?s my next article for you all to feast your eyes on!Jonny D's testimonial

As I wrote in one of my previous articles I said that I was going to the Jon Dyson testimonial, and go I did. So I thought I?d just write a brief article on what I saw, and how I feel Town played. Firstly I would like to retract the comment I made about me feeling that Martyn Margetson was not going to fill Nico Vaesen?s boots.

Last night he seemed to be oozing confidence and leadership. He commanded his area and when Paulo Wanchope seemed certain to score he pulled off a superb point blank save. He was unlucky to concede two goals but that signified Manchester City?s control over us. So hopefully if he stays injury free and plays like I saw him play last night then he will be a great asset to the club. The one player I was disappointed with mind you was the feisty midfielder Craig Armstrong. Now in my ?Analysis of Player?s? article I was full of praise for him, but on last nights performance he seemed to be lacking his usual ability. I?m unsure why this would be but with a bit of luck he was just having an off day and will return to his normal character very soon. He just didn?t have the effort and determination that I have grown to know and love about him. Andy Booth on the other hand in my opinion had a very decent game. His strength in the air was extremely noticeable, and his power on the ball also shone through. There were a few situations in which he could have possibly done better, but overall I was satisfied with his performance, unlike his partner in crime, Delroy Facey. He was slow, uncommitted and seemed to be distracted. He was always a fraction behind the game, and never looked threatening. But I must say the first thing I did notice about him was that he looked to have gained some weight. Although this could be muscle, it didn?t seem to enhance his game, and just as he seemed to be finding his feet last season he now unfortunately seems to have slipped back into the old Delroy, who was slow and tired. Fingers crossed I will be proved wrong, and like his fellow team mate Craig Armstrong, was just having an off day. Now I have to admit I was a bit lost when I was trying to work out the few new faces that were on show and when I did work out who was who, there was no chance of me being able to pronounce their names!! But the one trialist that did stick out in my mind as a potential signing was the Frenchman Frederick Biancalani. And it didn?t just seem to be that thought this as every time he received the ball there was a massive cheer from the fans. So will Macari listen to the fans and try and net his first signing of the new season? He was good on the ball, made some crucial passes and even has a powerful shot! It was almost his first touch of the game when it looked like Carlo Nash was going to thunder into the back of the net along with the ball that Baincalani had struck! The other two trialists also looked promising but if he was to choose one of the three then Biancalani gets my vote.

Ok, that?s my little analysis of some of the players in last night?s game and now for a bit more about the night itself. Jon Dyson deserved all the applause he got last night. He is exactly the type of player you want in your team. He is committed, doesn?t worry about other players getting paid more than himself, and more than anything he wants nothing more than to play for Town. The expression on his face said it all, and he was probably the proudest man in the whole of Huddersfield last night. Not only did all the Town fans give him a standing ovation but the City fans also gave him a warm round of applause, which was nice as they could have easily ignored the fact that he had deservedly earned last night. It was also nice to see a few faces of the past. But I must say I was deeply crushed when I read in the Examiner that Tom Cowan had to back out because of club commitments!! I was thoroughly pleased at the reception that Peter Jackson received, as he did so much for the club. Chants of ?Peter Jackson?s barmy army? echoed around the ground, letting him know just how the fans still feel about him. Another big reception came for one of our best players in recent history, Marcus Stewert. His general appearance of his slick beige suit, said everything about him, a successful and well-paid premiership player. But he deserves it, and it was nice of him to come back and acknowledge his former team mate. The crowd, which was no surprise, warmly received him but I don?t think even he could have predicted just how loud the applause were going to be. Along with Jacko and Stewert other players which included Simon Trevitt, Iain Dunn, Kieran O?Reagan, Steve Francis, Rob Edwards and Andy Morrison (who was applauded equally by the City fans as well) also came back to honour the great Jon Dyson.

So all in all I don?t think Jon Dyson could have asked for a better testimonial. Now let?s just hope for a Town victory against Bradford next week!

If you went to the match, then let me know if you feel the same as I do.


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