Town reserves 1-0 Sheffield United reserves

Huddersfield Town story posted by Rachel Jillott on 16/10/2002
As I've only ever attended one reserve game whilst I have been watching Huddersfield Town I thought it was about time to go. So I braved the cold weather and went to watch this top of the table clash. I also wanted to see if there is actually a future for many of these young lads like Mick Wadsworth keeps saying there is. This game was always going to be touch for them as whoever won would be top of their division, and Town were determined to regain this position that they had been occupying for so much of the season. Here is how the team lined up:Town reserves 1-0 Sheffield United reserves
1. Phill Senior
2. Thomas Heary
3. Adam Fowler
4. Paul Scott
5. Chris Brown
6. Jon Dyson
7. Chris Senior (14.Paul Macari)
8. Kenny Irons (12. Ben Austin)
9. Scott McDonald
10. Jonathan Worhthington (15. Anthony Lloyd)
11. Doni Clarke

The game started with Sheffield pushing forward and gaining two corners in the first ten minutes. For much of the first half Sheffield looked the more likely team to score but they squandered several chances. It was Kenny Irons' penalty just after half time that broke the deadlock and it wasn't surprising that the goal didn't come from free-play. The defence coped quite well with the pressure but the outstanding voice of Phill Senior was evident over everything else. He was constantly shouting at his defence to keep the back line straight and was not lacking the confidence to tell them what he wanted them to do. His communication with other players was excellent and I can only recall one time in which he called for the ball and missed it. He is definately a big contender for the first team.
The experience of Dyson and Irons was seen but at times they looked worn out or just not 100% on the ball. Kenny of course planted the penalty in the back of the net, but other than that and a few decent passes he wasn't the most influential midfielder on display. That award must go to Jon Worthington. Having already experienced first team football he was in a different class to the rest of the team. His tackling was hard, his passing was creative and he always grabbed the chance in running at the defence. His movement both on and off the ball was superb. Hopefully if he keeps up these classy performances he'll beable to make the jump from the reserves to the first team.
A name that I hadn't really heard of before was Chris Brown and to be fair it won't really be one that sticks with me. Although he's a big lad he lacked the essential qualities of a good defender. He looked uncertain when going in for crucial challenges and made a few unforced errors and unnecessary fouls. His clearing was generally OK but he didn't leave a footprint in my memory. Adam Fowler however had a very decent game. He read the game well and instead of just hoofing the ball clear he actually wanted to run it out of defence, unlike Heary who was his usual self of not being able to make the simplest of passes. Although he made some silly mistakes and at times his control let him down his tackling and passing were almost perfect everytime.
One thing that did jump out at me when I saw the team line up was that there is no height. The tallest player in blue and white was Paul Scott and he's not exactly what you'd call tall. The strikers probably made a combined height of 5 foot but their speed and trickiness made up for it. Especially Scott McDonald. If only he played like that when he's in the first team. He was unlucky not to score, but he had at least three mem marking him for the entirety of the game. His ball control was superb and at times I was really surprised by his movement and just how much he could do with the ball! Chris Senior however probably didn't get the service he wanted so couldn't show his full potential. His off the ball movement though was great and his crossing was equally good. Hopefully he'll soon beable to find the form that left him top scorer last season. Senior was replaced at half time by Paul Macari who unfortunately was unable to make an imapct. Neither of the other two subs that came on had any affect on the game. Doni Clarke is the remaining starter who I have not yet mentioned, and thankfully he can only be mentioned in a good light. His movement and trickier was pleasing, and the way in which he switched from wing to wing managed to catch out the Sheffield team on several occasions.
Overall I was pleased with the performance I saw although there looked to be room for improvement. Unfortunately though there won't be any more reserve action at the McAlpine until the 2nd of December. Hopefully they'll bebale to retain their position at the top of the Avon Insurance League.


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