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Really pleased with how we came back from 2-1 down today to win 3-2. I thought Ward coming on was the definite turning point in the game for Town, the Colchester defence couldn't cope with him. The Novak and Rhodes pairing looked very promising and I hope Clark keeps with these two up front from now on.


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Bury, Rochdale and Hartlepool could easily have ended up as all wins. I don't think we need to change much - I think it will all fall in to place in the next few games once all the players get used to each other. We've got a lot of new players compared to most other League One clubs.


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Good result for us & nice to see Novak on the scoresheet. Think he deserves a proper run in the team now.

Lots of positives from the game. I'm now more optimistic about the Rochdale match now that I know we've got a few goals in us!