Topic: Season run up

The run up to the start of the new season has it seems gone well. We have had some good positive results from our friendlies. I am hoping that the team can get off to a good start.
The team for our first match will as always be up for debate.
Is Garry Roberts staying or is he going? His transfer or new contract seems to have gone quiet. It will be interesting to see the new seasons line ups as they were a talking point week in week out last season.
Well her is to a good start and some entertaining football along the road to hopefully promotion.

Re: Season run up

Yes some positive displays but you can never tell with friendlies. I hope Roberts stays, he can be frustrating at times but he's got that bit of skill to produce some magic every now and then when we need it. Along with McDermott and Ward I don't think anyone can match us on the wing in League One.


Re: Season run up

I would be interested in other peoples views on the proposed financial capping which is to be introduced.
My view is that on the surface it seems a good idea. One drawback could be that a wealthy club may not have the fan base and will in effect be handicapped by the new ruling even though they may have a financially sound backer.
As it is at the moment the only help that the FA gives is to dock points from a team which goes into admin. Now I don't know about you but for the life of me I cannot see how taking points from a club serves to help it. To me that is a slap in the face for the fans.

Re: Season run up

That's true, if it's the owner/chairman's fault a team goes in to administration then they should take the flack, not the club. If only that happened with Mr Rubery. Definitely a slap in the face for the fans. Think the capping needs to be done, especially with all these wealthy foreign owners coming in thick and fast.


Re: Season run up

My issue with this is the very fact that those clubs with an extremely wealthy backer where money is no object will buy their divisions. Chelsea, Man City, Man Untd and Liverpool are examples of this. For a team to break that kind of monopoly will be very difficult. Season after season it is the usual suspects.
Money has always been the problem especially if you have not got much of it. Sky TV to a degree compounds this problem with the money they throw at the Premiership. All the clubs want instant success and they feel that the only way to achieve this is to buy the ready made article so they buy overseas players and our young players find it hard to break into a Premiership club. This in turn has a knock on effect with our National team where we find we have but a few quality players to choose from.


Re: Season run up

I agree with Ray about the monopoly of the Premier League and how teams buy foriegn players rather than looking after young english talent in the gain for success. The Premier League is a gravy train, teams at the top get richer and all we see is a cycle of the same teams at the top every season. The national team has been suffering badly for quite some time and to a degree I think money kills enthusiasm as these kids that are at Premier League clubs are offered professional contracts which are a five-figure sum a week. I remember Daily Telegraph writer Henry Winter saying he went to a Premier League youth game at an unnamed club and they had the caretaker re-painting the car park lines as these kids were driving round in Range Rovers and Mercs.

If there was ever a salary cap needs its in the Premier League but its too far too late now. As for the League One and League Two salary cap it is a good idea but obviously limits, like Ray says, a sound financial backer. Its going to benefit clubs with a bigger fan base such as Sheffield Wednesday.

I think Town could get automatic this year, every department looks strong but I think we could do with another striker.