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Sky Sports have confirmed we have made a bid for Bournemouth midfielder Anton Robinson? do we really need another centre midfielder? we already have Johnson, Gudjonsson, Arfield, Miller, Gobern, Atkinson.

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We would be better off with a further striker. The main thing is to train them to pass the ball on the deck - we lost at Old Trafford because Posh did this better than us...


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I agree with your comments. If anything it is a new striker that is needed but maybe Alan Lee or Lee Novak might step up to the plate this season!

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In my opinion you can't have too many good players and I think Robinson is better than what we have. When we played Bournemouth last August (A 2-2 draw) it struck me how well they kept and passed the ball in midfield and I enjoyed watching them. Me and my mates agreed that they might be the surprise package and up there at the end with the only proviso being IF they have a strong squad.

As we all know that's how it turned out! I thought he and one or two others stood out in the Play-Off Semis and for me they were far and away the best footballing team I saw last season. Anyone coming here who's used to playing passing football has to be an improvement!

Bring him on!


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surely we have to trim the squad before any new players come in.i assume roberts will be on his way shortly so we will need a direct replacement for him


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Bournemouth did pass the ball well and was one of the best teams alongside Peterborough that I saw at the Galpharm last season. Anton Robinson I'm not really convinced by plus Clark has already signed three players this summer alone for that position.


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I certainly agree Seany that Bournemouths mid field did use the ball extremely well. Do we need another man for that position?Well for me Joey is not the man, he came with high expectations and I thought he fell short. Give him is due he had a very good game at Arsenal.
I would love to see a striker with pace at our club. Alan Lee for me did not fit the bill. What our manager saw in him is anyone's guess. He does hold the ball up well and he draws people in for the fouls but I wanted to see goals from the guy and that has not worked out.
Time and time again we see teams that put the fear of God up us when they run at us. We shall see in a weeks time what our shape is going to be. I would however like to see a settled side week in week out. Playing away from home depending on the opposition I would not change the starting line up.

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Yes got to agree with you with regards to Gudjonsson - not really impressed so far. One of my mates is a Burnley fan and I remember him saying how poor he was when we signed him! He should be walking League One after dropping from the Premiership. I also agree with you about Lee - we paid way over the odds I think. I hope they both prove me wrong this season though!


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Gudjonsson was the biggest let down last season and if its true that we are going to sign Robinson then I feel Joey's days could be numbered. I suspect he'll be one of the high earners and the club maybe keen to offload due to this new salary cap.

As for Alan Lee, didn't happen for him last season at all last season. Bit unlucky I think and seems to be made the scapegoat like we seem to do every season i.e Theo Robinson, Robbie Williams etc. He's been scoring pre-season and everyone has been commenting on how leaner and fitter he looks this season so I'm hoping it happens for him this season, I've heard he's a nice guy and likes living in Huddersfield. He's been loved at most clubs he's been at, I know he's loved at both Rotherham and Crystal Palace so must be something about him. It seems Town have the ability to buy players who have done well elsewhere but do sod all when they get here like Phil Jevons and Keigan Parker.

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Bournemouth fans certaimly aren't happy with this move.

http://www.courtoffside.com/forum/showt … hp?t=68195

Interesting to see too that they dont seem to rate their own chances too much this year.

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