Topic: A new season dawns

So here we are, after the deafening silence that echoed around the Town half of Old Trafford at around 83 mins into the play off final. A new season, same league, slightly different team. I think every one knows that Automatic promotion is the ONLY acceptable outcome this season. Last season, I always thought automatic promotion would be difficult given the quality of teams around us. This season I feel is different, I believe we are the best team on paper. We are clear favourites. We have to get off to a good start. If we do this then I think we will achieve promotion.

Therefore today's game is a big one. We have to get off to a winner in front of a home crowd. Banish the disappointment of last season.



Re: A new season dawns

Yes today's the day the terriers start their pic-nic. Last night Look North program had us down as favorites for the division I hope they are right come the final game.
Don't like to be made favorites as it seems to paint a bulls eye on the club for others to aim at. All we can do is get behind the club and players and pray it is our season its going to be long, hard and with a few twists as every season is.
What's today's team? Now there is a question and mores to the point will it be the same team the following week?
Good luck lads.

Re: A new season dawns

Not really the start we all were hoping for but at least we got a point out of it. None of the players really got going I didn't think, except for maybe Novak when I came on and McDermott who I thought looked quite lively whenever he got it. I'm going to put the performance down to the fact that there were a few new faces out on the pitch and it will probably take a few games for them all to gel.

Anton Robinson looked decent before he had to off and not a bad 90mins debut for Gobern.


Re: A new season dawns

I thought that Novak was the spur which the team needed. With his introduction the team started to function. The team is new and will take a few games to really get into their stride.
A draw against Bury was not a bad result. They were always going to be on a high coming to Town as they have still the same team which made promotion last season and continuity is a good thing.