Adie Moses is the star player so far?

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 12/11/2002
The results of the most recent Terrier Poll (on the index Terrier-Bytes page) have been gathered and in the end there was only going to be one winner - Town's consistent defender, Adie Moses! These results show just how much Moses has progressed at Huddersfield Town over the last season or so.Adie Moses is the star player so far?

Moses managed to pull in 43% of all the votes leaving him the Terrier-Bytes users' player of the season. Eddie Youds and Scott Bevan both did fairly well and got a decent number of votes each. The full results are shown below.

Town's player of the season so far?

Eddie Youds: 15%
Adie Moses: 43%
Scott Bevan: 19%
Jon Stead: 12%
Other...: 8%

Total votes: 57

The next poll asks the question "Do you think Andy Booth's injury is genuine?". The new poll is now on the main index page.


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