Wadsworth Reinstated As Town Manager!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Steve Phillips on 01/04/2003
It was announced just a short while ago that the administrators have reinstated ex-manager Mick Wadsworth to replace Mel Machin as manager of Huddersfield Town after just one game in charge of the club. This decision surely will not go down too well with the fans of the terriers.Wadsworth Reinstated As Town Manager!

Wadsworth - sacked twice by Huddersfield Town - has been told that he's got six games to turn the cash-strapped club around. The administrators feel that he's definitely the man to do this seemingly impossible task and believe in his abilities fully.

One positive about the decision is that Wadsworth seems upbeat about his new job.

"I'm delighted to be the manager of this great club once again," said Mick in an interview just a few minutes ago. "I feel I am the one who can head this team in the right direction.

"The task at hand may look difficult at the moment but I've got good players who I know can produce the goods when they have to. I'll try my best, that's for sure."

A result at Chesterfield is now a must for both Huddersfield Town and Wadsworth.

Source: ITV News


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