Is this person a Town fan? You decide!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Steve Phillips on 02/05/2003
I was reading a letter in today?s Daily Examiner by some bumbling fool (a Town fan) who said that the only time he?d be at the McAlpine Stadium from now on would be to watch the Huddersfield Giants Rugby League team and, in all honesty, I thought: ?You f*cking wanker?!Is this person a Town fan? You decide!

Now don?t get me wrong, I can understand that a lot of Town fans must be disappointed that our club has got relegated and are financially insecure, but to stop supporting them just because they?re not quite the force they were a few seasons back is just plain and utter stupid. These so-called ?fans? are a disgrace and should sever all links with the club, in my opinion. No doubt they?ll be back if we achieve promotion from the Third Division next season, though.

The fan who wrote in to the newspaper, S. Wilson from Dewsbury, stated that he (let's assume it's a man) regarded himself as a ?true Town supporter? and that he?d been watching them for 39 years as well as only missing two games in the last four seasons. I mean, come on, what do you want, a gold medal or something? If he was such a true Town fan then he?d be supporting Town whether they were in the Premiership or one of the Unibond Divisions, regardless of the quality of football on offer. It?s amazing how much he contradicts himself in the letter.

Wilson does raise one or two valid points in the letter but the majority of it makes me sick. See what you think of it, it?s featured below.


No more!

I would regard myself as a true [Town] supporter having only missed two matches in the last four seasons.

I have watched Town since I was six, 39 years ago, and have some great memories, but I will not be able to motivate myself to watch anymore.

Long gone are the days when players wore a shirt with pride instead of thinking about their bank balance.

This season has been very painful. I have witnessed some shocking football with only a couple of players showing pride and passion.

It?s a very sad state of affairs. One that the club will take years to recover from. The players we have are not good enough. The two Third Division sides we have played this season, Wrexham and Darlington, were both better teams than Town.

I will be there against Oldham and I would never support any other team, but after that the next time I will be in the McAlpine is to watch the Giants.

Sorry Town.

This letter appeared in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner on the 2nd May 2003.


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