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Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 12/06/2003
In the not-so-distant future I will be adding a Championship Manager 4 section to this Website which will include articles, essential CM4 downloads and other bits and bats. This is the first article by me for the section. Enjoy!Edit Champ. Manager 4 to your heart?s content!

In the last Championship Manager, Season 2001/2002, SI Games included a pre-game editor with the management simulation. This time, however, no editor was included with Championship Manager 4, which left me rather disappointed as there?s nothing better in the world than having yourself playing for your favourite team on the game! Well I think so anyway. Never fear though, because there?s now an unofficial editor which has been released!

There are actually two editors available at the moment ? the Nygreen editor and kevmann16?s editor. I?ll discuss the Nygreen editor as it?s got more editing options.

So, what?s the big fuss about this unofficial editor you may be asking? Well, with this one you can edit basically anything on the game apart from the weather settings, nation colours and club colours. If you?ve had experience with the CM01/02 official pre-game editor then you?ll find that it?s pretty similar to that but better.

If you wish to make Andy Booth into the World?s best player then do so, it?s easily done with this neat program. Adding new players to the game is also a simple task, which shouldn?t cause you any problems.

You can download version 0.07 of the editor at the link below.

CM4 Unofficial Editor

Have fun!


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