Peter Jackson is the Terrier-Bytes choice!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 21/06/2003
According to the latest Terrier-Bytes Poll results, over half of the Terrier-Bytes Huddersfield Town fans want Peter Jackson to be appointed as the new manager of the club. Terry Dolan, however, didn't even register a vote in the Poll, which just shows how much the Town fans think to his managerial skills.Peter Jackson is the Terrier-Bytes choice!

Jackson, the most likely person to be appointed as the new Huddersfield Town manager, is obviously the Town fans' favourite for the job. Most fans would like to see Terry Yorath, who finished in fourth place in the Terrier Poll, as his assistant manager though.

Roy Evans got the second largest percentage of votes and also got a couple of good comments added within the poll. One fan said that Evans plays sensible football whilst another mentioned that he played beautiful football in his reign at Liverpool. Mind you though, one fan pointed out his dismal performance as manager of Swindon Town.

The great Mick Buxton came third in the poll adding up 10.26% of the votes. Many of the older Town fans seem to think that Buxton's the man for the job even if he hasn't managed a club for a long period of time.

Terrier Poll Results
Q: Who would you want as manager out of the following?

Peter Jackson - 53.85%
Terry Dolan - 0%
Roy Evans - 17.95%
Mick Buxton - 10.26%
Terry Yorath - 7.69%

A new Terrier Poll has now been placed online. It asks where you think Town will finish in the upcoming season.


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