The Town fans' view on... the 6-2 defeat

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 02/11/2003
Most Town fans will probably not want to remember yesterday's game as, in all honesty, it was shocking from our point of view. However, a few of the Terrier Forums' regular users came out of the shadows to express their feelings on the game and Town's form at the moment.The Town fans' view on... the 6-2 defeat

From reading the majority of the posts after the game, the Town fans are obviously disappointed with the team. Fowler's sending off, ex-Town man Kevin Sharp's taunting of the fans and Sodje's performance are all key talking points. Andy Booth and Nathan Clarke come out of the discussion with a little credit, though.

The first posts came during the game. Action_Man, Rachel, Peterzed and Chrisuk5675 provided the commentary. Rachel was understandably frustrated by the performance, as were the majority of all Town fans I should think.

Terrier-Bytes' match reporter, Seany, vented his feelings late on last night.

"That was really really awful to watch," said Seany. "We couldn't string two passes together, we had no midfield and the defence were somewhere else."

ScottBrad from Crosland Moor, Huddersfield was fuming after the game.

"We were poor all over the park, minus the one player who tried, Andy Booth. He is the only player who deserves some credit," he explained. Peterzed, however, thought that Clarke had a superb game, too. ScottBrad later on agreed with the Terrier-Bytes columnist.

Peterzed then went on to clear his chest.

"I'd call it Rubbish! I couldn't believe my ears! I feel really sorry for those of you that went there."

It's amazing how things can change in a matter of hours. Before the game there were 3-1, 2-1 and 4-0 predictions being made. The fans were happy after Town's determined performance against Reading in mid-week even though they were knocked out of the Carling Cup. It just goes to show what a funny game football is. So many ups and downs. Let's hope we're on a up this Tuesday and progress to the next round of the LDV Vans Trophy!

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