Can Peter win the Great British Spelling Test ? No

Huddersfield Town story posted by Peter MacGibbon on 21/10/2004
A fun evening all the same and Andy Collins, one time Family Fortunes Host, was a great warm-up man!Can Peter win the Great British Spelling Test ? No

We were presented with a food parcel on arrival at 6pm, Cheese and Tomato sandwiches, crisps, apple, bar of chocolate and a bottle of water. The logistics of feeding and watering 250 people is not easy and it was just after 8pm when we entered the studio. I ended up sitting in the middle of the back row and you may have caught a glimpse of me; I was wearing the same shirt as in the picture.

The test started on time, obviously, since it was live. The downside was that I had trouble seeing the screen due to my defective vision, and also found multiple choice confusing. I can spell better when I just write words down. As a result I made some stupid mistakes. I think I ended up with around 70-80%, I'm not sure, they are sending the results to us.

The upside is that Gabby is just as delicious as she looks on TV!

I did manage to get the last train home, getting back soon after 1am.

More importantly Hull came from behind to beat the Dons 3-2 last night. Let's hope that the formline with Hull holds good and we manage a win this time.


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