Cardiff City v Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 22/09/2001
For the last two games Town have had disappointing results losing to Blackpool and Wigan although Town did play pretty well against the latter.Cardiff City v Huddersfield Town

Off the pitch things are starting to settle down a little with the takeover deal basically complete. Its just a matter of time until the consortium are in full control.

Changes to the team could be: Chris Beech coming back from his hamstring injury, Irons keeping his place in the team following his impressive performance against Wigan on Tuesday, and the rest of the team should stay the same really.

The longterm injuries of Wijhnard, Smith, Facey, Armstrong, and Dyson weaken the side drastically, oh how we miss all of these top quality players.

The formation should be 4-5-1 with Booth being the lone-man up front but you never know with unpredictable Lou.

This Town team has got the potential to beat the Cardiff side if they concentrate hard enough, we'll just have to wiat and see.

Cardiff are currently 11th in the league winning three out of a possible six games.

Over the summer Cardiff brought in a few fresh faces including Peter Thorne for ?1.7m from Stoke, Kavanagh from Stoke for ?1m, Prior from Manchester City, and former Town man Des Hamilton from Newcastle United.

Garfield's Prediction
I'll go for 1-1 draw with Irons being the MoM.

Probable lineups:
Town: unknown at present


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