Pre-Season Trials and Tribulations! Updated

Huddersfield Town story posted by Peter MacGibbon on 23/07/2005
The strengthened Reserve side had a good game against Rossendale winning comfortably. Hudson appears to have had a good game which will be pleasing to Jacko. Up until now he hadn?t been too impressed with his training and attitude.Pre-Season Trials and Tribulations! Updated

The first serious game was against Mansfield last night. To counter his four goals against Harrogate Pav had a penalty saved! The win seems to have been deserved in the end but with a plethora of substitutions the message to be drawn from the game wasn?t clear. Michael Collins had a good game when he came on. Junior Mendes, who was booed all night, silenced the home fans with the winning goal in injury time!

12th July
Town 0 Coventry 1

13th July
Town 2 Ibiza Select 1

19th July
HarrogateTown 1 Terriers 4

20th July
Rossendale 0 Terrier Reserves 4

22nd July
Mansfield 1 Terriers 2


Coming up:

Monnday 25th July 2005
Wakefield & Emley (A) - Reserves/Academy 7.30pm Kick Off

Thursday 28th July 2005
AFC Emley (A) - Reserves/Academy
To be confirmed

Saturday 30th July 2005
Rochdale (A) 3.00pm Kick Off

Monday 1st August 2005
Bradford Park Avenue (A) - Reserves/Academy 7.30pm


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