Automatic promotion, here we come!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 04/04/2006
The most recent poll to appear on Terrier Bytes shows that over half of the fans that voted predict that Town will finish in the automatic promotion zone, be it finishing first or second.Automatic promotion, here we come!

After picking up the full three points in the local derby with Barnsley on Saturday, with Brentford and Colchester drawing too, Town's chances of taking the direct route to the Championship look even more convincing than they did a few weeks ago. Losing Pawel Abbott through injury would seem to be a big blow but with Andy Booth starting to fire them in as of late, Gary Taylor-Fletcher always looking like popping up with an important goal and David Graham making scoring look easy, it doesn't seem such a big loss after all.

In the poll titled 'Where do you think Town will finish this season?', 6% of fans think we'll end up as 'Champions!', 45% voted for '2nd', 24% voted for '3rd', 18% for '4th', 5% for '5th' and 2% for '6th or below'.

A new poll has now been added to the site.


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