Williams Deal Now Seems Unlikely

Huddersfield Town story posted by Sean Makin on 14/07/2007
It now seems unlikely that Barnsley left back Robbie Williams will sign for Huddersfield Town.Williams Deal Now Seems Unlikely

It is reported that the Pontefract born Williams has a hairline fracture to his shin in which the medical revealed.

The injury could sideline a player for upto two months.

A disapointed Town boss Andy Ritchie told the Town official website:
"We were aware that Robbie picked up a slight knock in training with Barnsley on Thursday, but their physio had taken him to Barnsley hospital and they were convinced that it was nothing more than a trapped nerve".

It is said that Williams had picked up the injury by kicking the bottom of a teammate's boot after clearing the ball during a practise match.

Ritchie also said to the official Town website:
"He came to the Galpharm Stadium today for the first part of his medical on one crutch, as he will still suffering from some pain when trying to bear weight. Lee Martin (Town's physio) had a look at him and decided an x-ray was needed to clear up the problem and fortunatly we managed to get in at Huddersfield today".

"Unfortunatly for everybody, the x-ray showed that Robbie has a hairline fracture to his shin".

"The deal obviously is in serious doubt now, but I will have a meeting with Andrew Watson, Gerry Murphy, John Dungworth and Martyn Booty on Monday to discuss where we go from here".

"I'm really disapointed, as is Robbie, It's one of those things, but it has made me ressess our own procedures in training, Robbie wasn't wearing shin pads when training with Barnsley on Thursday and I may now enforce this as a rule during our training sessions".


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