Let Pearson Take The Club Forward!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Sean Makin on 12/10/2007
The Davy-Pearson saga continues as former Hull City Chairman Adam Pearson wants to buy the club but Ken Davy refuses to budge.Let Pearson Take The Club Forward!
Adam Pearson wants to buy the club outright with a apparently ?too good an offer for the club? but old Ken Davy wants to go into partnership to both take the club forward with Davy owning more shares than Pearson but for the Town fan to become Chairman.

It is reported that Pearson would be required to buy a block of share worth ?3.2 million but Pearson has slammed this as ?unworkable? due to shareholding amounting to just a third.

Adam Pearson has reportedly said: "He seems to want me to put ?3.2m into the club, to then run the club for him and yet only have a minority shareholding.
"The kind of investment he is talking about usually comes with a share-holding that provides control of a football club, meaning the ability to decide how any investment should be used for the good of the club.
"Unfortunately, his offer will have to de declined. But, and I want to stress this, the original, very generous offer for a majority shareholding will remain on the table."

I have a lot of respect for Ken Davy, after all he saved us from going under in 2003 after Town slumped into relegation, brought back fans favourites Peter Jackson and Terry Yorath and has pumped money into the club to get us back into League One at the first attempt after being relegated.
A lot of Town fans are not happy in the way the club is run with Davy also owning Rugby League?s Huddersfield Giants and the stadium itself.

Pearson has stated that he just wants to buy Town and Town only from Davy but would pay rent to Davy for the use of the stadium.
Pearson has expressed his desire to pump money into the playing squad giving boss Andy Ritchie funds to buy new players that I think we do need as I think our squad is paper thin. Some of the players we have simply are not good enough to get us back into the Championship where we belong. I doubt our chances of promotion this season with the current squad but I really hope I?m proved wrong.

Pearson has said he has been a life long Town fan and used to stand on the terraces at the old Leeds Road ground. He took Hull City from the brink of going under, they were at the wrong end of the Third Division (now League Two) and trouble with the old Boothferry Park ground. Pearson pumped money into the club that saw them through two divisions with back-to-back promotion and gave them a state of the art stadium, the KC Stadium.
I don?t believe Adam Pearson will become another Barry Rubery either.

Like Peter Jackson, I think Ken Davy has took the club as far as he can. We are losing money and funds are badly needed in the playing and coaching side. We are apparently over budget at the moment as well.
Let Adam Pearson buy the club so that he can take Town forward to the next level.


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