Give Us Answers Ken!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Sean Makin on 16/10/2007
Reading in the Huddersfield Daily Examiner today seeing that Town fans were told to take down the banners by Doncaster Rovers stewards who were instructed to do so apparently by a Huddersfield Town director.Give Us Answers Ken!

Are Town fans who paid there hard earned money to watch that dismal, passionless performance against Doncaster, not aloud to have a say in how their beloved club is being run?

Without the fans any club would be nothing, we pay the players wages and we keep the club going by paying our money to watch.

First of all I would like to mention I?m not one of those fans who wants Davy out. I have respect for Ken for saving us in the hour of need and securing stability, I will stick with Town through thick and thin, I have before and I will to my dieing day.

Davy has stated Town that he has ambitious plans for Town. Please Ken tell us what there are?
The team is playing badly at the moment, and that is being polite, and we are over budget with no money for boss Andy Ritchie to spend on players come January and we are losing money.

The money from when Peter Jackson sold Pawel Abbott to Swansea in January this year for reportedly around ?150,000 was never spent as Jackson never brought anyone in other than two loan players which were Andy Taylor and Frank Sinclair.
This summer we sold Gary-Taylor Fletcher to Blackpool, where has the money gone? Or we paying some players more than they are worth?

Davy wants to take Town into the Championship with him in charge. I don?t think too many Town fans are convinced.
Has Davy got the resources to get us out of this division and into the Championship? Only he knows.
I would like Ken to take a long hard look at himself, yes he has done well with Town as I have stated he saved us in our hour of need and has secured stability but has he taken us as far as he can in a sport which may I add he has stated that he has little interest in.

Adam Pearson has the resources that can get us back into the Championship, He has offered Davy what he says is more than the club is worth.
Davy owns the Huddersfield Giants and has a 40% share in the stadium.

I have a lot of respect for you but my advice is please step a side Ken and do what is best for the club and for the fans.


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