Rubery...Just Go!

Huddersfield Town story posted by Rachel Jillott on 10/08/2001
As I?m sure you?ve all heard about the possible transfers of Andy Booth and Chris Lucketti I thought I?d rustle up an article about this potential club crisis, and express my personal opinions about Barry Rubery, who for me should have gone long ago.Rubery...Just Go!

Firstly, a bit of background information about this topic. Supposedly Cardiff City made an illegal approach for Andy Booth, but they backed themselves up by saying they had made contact through Barry Rubery and Trevor Cherry. So this strongly suggests to me that some conspiring in the boardroom had taken place without Lou Macari?s knowledge; which wouldn?t be the first time that had happened. Now in the Examiner tonight (10.08.01) the sub-heading on the back page is ?Rubery says he will keep top striker?. So does this mean he doesn?t intend on keeping Chris Lucketti? After reading the whole story there is nothing written that suggests he is NOT going to sell Lucketti. But thankfully it said Rubery explained that Booth was ?not NOW for sale?. Does this mean he had told Cardiff he could have been for sale if the right price had been arranged? Seeing as though it is Barry Rubery we are talking about that is more than likely the case. But I just can?t understand why either of them ? especially Booth ? would even be considering a move to Cardiff. Lets weigh up the facts.

? Although Town are a recently relegated club, they have more chance of success than Cardiff, who were just promoted from Division 3. ? Andy Booth has just had a new house built for him in Huddersfield. ? It was only just last season that Booth made his dream transfer back to the club he loves. ? Lucketti has been named captain for the team, and is a big fans? favourite.

Ok, so there are just a few reasons why I was personally dumbfounded by the thought of the two leaving the club for Cardiff. As you can see there aren?t as many reasons for Lucketti staying as there are for Booth, but surely Lucketti is one of the highest paid players at the club, although his wage could probably be matched or even bettered seeing as though Cardiff now have funding from ex-Wimbledon man Sam Hammam.

Another thing that caught my eye tonight in The Examiner was a remark made by Barry Rubery. This is what he said, ?Our objective is to get back into the First Division?. This made me chuckle to myself, as how on earth does he expect to get back where we left last season if he is selling our two backbone players of the club?? Does he not understand that this club needs quality players more than another rival club??

But let?s get one thing straight if Barry Rubery decides to let Chris Lucketti go, then there will be a lot of hostility among fans, but if he is to let Andy Booth go aswell?well I don?t think I need to tell you what the fans will think about Rubery. He is already in ALL the fans? bad books, for what he has done to our club, but him selling Andy Booth would just be the icing on the cake. He couldn?t just be satisfied about taking his club from promotion contenders to relegation sufferers, not forgetting selling Town?s best player on the way. He had to land us in financial ruin, which resulted in him selling Nico Vaesen to Birmingham City, who don?t forget helped see us off to Division Two on the last day of last season, and now the presence of skipper Chris Lucketti and local hero Andy Booth in Towns squad next season, is hanging in the balance because some narrow minded business man couldn?t handle his money. Harsh words maybe, but they?re the thoughts of nearly every Town fan. I just can?t stress how much it will mean to me personally and to the fans as a whole, when we see the back of Barry Rubery. So I say to him, don?t delay your exit any longer, and as you look back through the door when your walking out, just think of all the fans and what you have done to their beloved club, because I can guarantee they will never forget you, but unfortunately it will be for all the wrong reasons.


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