All time great players

Huddersfield Town story posted by Rachel Jillott on 09/09/2001
For this article I decided to go back in history and just reminisce and write about some of the best and most influential players Town have ever had. Obviously not everyone is going to agree with me but here are some of the players I came up with:All time great players

David Lawson is probably one of the best keepers Town have had. Lawson was an all round keeper, he was a good shot stopper and unlike Margetson, Lawson could handle crosses and high balls! Lawson?s era was the 70?s and was sold by Town to Everton. Steve Francis was also a good keeper. If you look back at the season we got promoted, Francis was a very important character, and probably didn?t get the recognition and praise that he deserved. His heroics in the final made sure of our triumph, but unfortunately his talent faded and was later let go by Town.

If you were to look back into the 1920/30?s then you would most certainly hear of the name Billy Smith. He played a record number of 574 matches for Town and yielded 216 goals along the way. He joined Town at the tender age of seventeen in 1913, but unfortunately the whistle blew on his career at Town in 1934.

Probably one of the most famous players in Town?s history has to be Ray Wilson. His magnificence in defence made him easily noticeable to other clubs, and it wasn?t surprising when he moved on to Everton in 1964, then later achieved a winners medal for England in 1966. Not only was there Ray Wilson getting capped for England but in the same era Denis Law was becoming a regular in the Scottish national side. Law was probably one of footballs most unlikely looking players as he was small and skinny. He was only 15 when he joined Huddersfield and even though he departed to Manchester City in 1960, he always made it clear that Huddersfield would always have a place in his heart. Along with Wilson, Law has to be one of Town?s most prolific players in their history.

Now a man that doesn?t need any introduction is the scruffy looking striker Frankie Worthington. His long straggly hair somehow had a way with women but his talent on the field was another thing. His flamboyancy on the field made him an instant hero with the fans, and never failed to entertain. He played for a countless number of clubs, and picked up 8 full caps for England in his career. He made 186 appearances for Town.

An influential character in the promotion season of 1952/53 was Jimmy Glazzard. He booked his place in the team every week, and made the position of striker his own, some would say a bit like the more recent player Marcus Stewart. Stewart was a player that every fan adored and wanted in their team. His accuracy and pace made him a big target for other clubs, this resulted in him moving to Ipswich Town and becoming one of the premierships top scorers in his first season.

Jimmy Nicholson was the inspirational captain in the promotion season of 1969/70. His tackling was precise and he had an eye for goal. Jimmy Nicholson was brought in from Manchester Utd, and after a disastrous start to the1964/65 campaign, he helped Town rise up the table and finish eighth. He was the youngest ever British player to be capped for his home country, Northern Ireland. He played 309 games for Town and got 28 goals to his name, mostly from long range free kicks.

Some players of more recent times that stick out in my mind mainly come from the promotion winning side. Players such as Andy Booth, his strike partner Ronnie Jepson, Pat Scully, Tom Cowan etc. Tom Cowan mainly gets a mention because he?s my favourite Town player. He was a good left back, and a very bubbly character. He always gave 110% but unfortunately got struck with injury and never reclaimed his place in the side. Pat Scully was the big Irish lad. He always reminded me of a gentle giant! He was solid at the back but the poor lad couldn?t pass a ball for the life in him, but thankfully he made up for that in his defensive ability. He got up in the air well and stood his ground. Andy Booth is probably known as a local hero. He scored 30+ goals in the 1994/95 campaign, but was then sold to Sheffield Wednesday but has lately returned to try and recapture his love of playing for Town.

Now for some of the good managers. Herbert Chapman was probably one of the most successful managers, but the one that jumps to my mind is Neil Warnock. Although his football wasn?t always pretty he made sure the players gave there all for the fans. He wouldn?t tolerate a lack of discipline and definitely didn?t mind telling the players how he felt. At the end of the day, even if you didn?t like his style of managing you have to admit that he did get us the results.

So there?s just a few of the all time greats and I?m sure you can think of many more, so please feel free to let everyone else know who you think Town?s all time best players are.


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