Are Town really going to finish mid-table?

Huddersfield Town story posted by Garfield (Admin) on 14/10/2002
According to Terrier-Bytes' latest poll, Town are going to finish around mid-table come the end of the season. Having said that though, over the last week more and more votes have been coming in for the 'Play-offs' option as well as one or two for 'Top 2'! There's nothing wrong with being a little optimistic, is there?Are Town really going to finish mid-table?

Here are the final votes...

What would you say Town's realistic finishing position is?

Top 2: 5%
Play-offs: 19%
Mid table: 37%
Bottom half: 26%
Relegation zone: 10%

The total number of votes was 86.

The new poll is now on the Website and this week's question is: Who do you think Town's player of the season is so far? You can view the results for the new poll here or you can vote on the Terrier Bytes index page.


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