Thanks for including us in the top 20, shows we must be doing something right! smile


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Sorry for the slight mistake re the Swindon game.

The Prediction League retrieves its fixtures from the official site and, as the Swindon game wasn't included on their fixtures page at the time of the last Prediction League update, it didn't know to include the cup fixture in the system.

The Prediction League has now been updated and you can now cast your predictions for next Monday's game against Charlton Athletic.

The Prediction League has been updated for the League One home game against Bury.

After the first game, 'Logical' is joint top with 'sexyarse'. Well done! smile Click here for the full Prediction League table.

If you have any queries etc, please post them in this message.


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Every match will count this season, regardless of the competition.


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Hi borussiaterrier - welcome to Terrier Bytes and thanks for the comments! smile

It would be great to get a good community going on here, just as it used to be a number of years ago. We'll just have to see how it goes as the season gets under way.

Oh and no need to worry about the match reports going down hill - Sean's unbiased views are always a pleasure to read!


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If you have a Google/Gmail account, please help increase our Google Plus One rank on the site by clicking the '+1' button at the very top of each of the site's pages. The button looks as follows;

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Hi BoothysGusset - welcome to the new site/forums! smile

I know exactly what you mean - you spend most of the time after the season has finished focusing on transfer news as it's the only thing to hang on to! I can't wait for the Bury game now.

Yeah I have a good feeling about this season too, but also have a worry that it'll be like the past two seasons all over again... Let's hope not! We're definitely good enough to be promoted.


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Just to let everybody know, the Prediction League is now open for the new season. You can now cast your predictions for the Town's opening game of the season against Bury by clicking here.

If you're registered with this forum, then you're ready to start predicting! smile


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Welcome to the new version of Terrier Bytes! smile Please take a look around and I'd be grateful if you can inform me of any errors/bugs that you may come across (hopefully none!).