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i presume that this is now defunct.no predictions since wigan match


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having previously stated that he wanted two players mr clark now states that he is happy with his squad and that there will be no signings.me thinks mr hoyle has said enough is enough.i dont blame him!


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thank goodness this has come to an end.far too many draws.i think,at times,the mindset has been not to lose instead of pushing on for a win.town should learn from sheffield wednesday who have lost 4 times but are above us in the league.i still expect,with our squad,to be in an automatic promotion at the end of the season.anything less should be regarded as failure as clark has been given unbelievable resources.


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the sooner this finishes the better.clark is obsessed with not losing.he could put a gramaphone on.all opposition are world beaters.very difficult opponents,false position in league etc ,etc.he pays them too much respect.why did he take roberts off last week.ward should have come on as well.what message does he put out bringing robinson on to play right wing.totally negative.we should be murdering teams like stevenage not hanging on for dear life.


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you hit the nail on the head.he has no idea what his best team and formation is.consequently he chops and changes.no doubt we will see changes tomorrow as he has two centre midfielders back to fitness.until he gets a settled side ,i fear the worst


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what a debacle!with the resources available to clark since his arrival we should be in the championship.yet we cant beat a very poor rochdale team.clark is totally naive.he has to pick a settled team.chopping and changing is doing nothing for the confidence of the players.nobody seems to know what they are doing because the team is constantly changing.clark should pick a team and formation and stick to it.he should realise that football is a simple game .if warnock or buxton were manager we  would have been promoted by now and hoyle would have saved a lot of money


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surely we have to trim the squad before any new players come in.i assume roberts will be on his way shortly so we will need a direct replacement for him