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Town never do anything easy but I must admit its very frustrating when we are not beating teams we really should be, no disrespect to Bury and Rochdale.

Was unlucky that we didn't get promoted last season with the points tally we had (for the 18 previous seasons before last it would have been enough) but on the other side of the coin we drew a lot of games with teams really we should be beating.

Teams know who to play against us but we seem to lack in the final third to kill of games, I still think we need another strikers to be honest. I went to Rochdale and we only have ourselves to blame really the game was their for the taking but sloppy play towards the end resulted in Rochdale getting a draw.


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Nope not yet! good to hear both Lee Novak and Alan Lee have been scoring this pre-season


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Won 2-1 with the young lad Crooks and Alan Lee got on the scoresheet. Craig Armstrong is joint manager at Eastwood so I'll look out for their results, he seems a decent guy did a good interview for the site a few month ago.


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Gudjonsson was the biggest let down last season and if its true that we are going to sign Robinson then I feel Joey's days could be numbered. I suspect he'll be one of the high earners and the club maybe keen to offload due to this new salary cap.

As for Alan Lee, didn't happen for him last season at all last season. Bit unlucky I think and seems to be made the scapegoat like we seem to do every season i.e Theo Robinson, Robbie Williams etc. He's been scoring pre-season and everyone has been commenting on how leaner and fitter he looks this season so I'm hoping it happens for him this season, I've heard he's a nice guy and likes living in Huddersfield. He's been loved at most clubs he's been at, I know he's loved at both Rotherham and Crystal Palace so must be something about him. It seems Town have the ability to buy players who have done well elsewhere but do sod all when they get here like Phil Jevons and Keigan Parker.


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Bournemouth did pass the ball well and was one of the best teams alongside Peterborough that I saw at the Galpharm last season. Anton Robinson I'm not really convinced by plus Clark has already signed three players this summer alone for that position.


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I agree with your comments. If anything it is a new striker that is needed but maybe Alan Lee or Lee Novak might step up to the plate this season!


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I agree with Ray about the monopoly of the Premier League and how teams buy foriegn players rather than looking after young english talent in the gain for success. The Premier League is a gravy train, teams at the top get richer and all we see is a cycle of the same teams at the top every season. The national team has been suffering badly for quite some time and to a degree I think money kills enthusiasm as these kids that are at Premier League clubs are offered professional contracts which are a five-figure sum a week. I remember Daily Telegraph writer Henry Winter saying he went to a Premier League youth game at an unnamed club and they had the caretaker re-painting the car park lines as these kids were driving round in Range Rovers and Mercs.

If there was ever a salary cap needs its in the Premier League but its too far too late now. As for the League One and League Two salary cap it is a good idea but obviously limits, like Ray says, a sound financial backer. Its going to benefit clubs with a bigger fan base such as Sheffield Wednesday.

I think Town could get automatic this year, every department looks strong but I think we could do with another striker.


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Sky Sports have confirmed we have made a bid for Bournemouth midfielder Anton Robinson? do we really need another centre midfielder? we already have Johnson, Gudjonsson, Arfield, Miller, Gobern, Atkinson.


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Never been really given a chance and been a bit unlucky with injuries in his time with us. Doubt he'd get a shout for first team even when fit so be best to let him go, get some cash in and free up the wage bill.


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Feeling confident about this coming season but I still think we need another striker if we are going for automatic promotion.


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Yeah been on sale since last Friday and go on general sale on Thursday. I agree with you on that one mate


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Anyone know how many tickets we've sold so far? Can imagine us selling out the away stand again. Need to put one over them after that defeat last season